Romanian Folk Dance

The Romanian Folk Dances are open to children and adults. 

By learning the Romanian Folk Dances, not only will you learn how to dance, but you will also learn the traditions and culture of the land of Dracula.

The Romanian folklore is very rich, and each region of Romania has its own specific dances. They can be performed individually, with a partner or in a group. The dances, even though, they are different, they have in common the music and the dynamic rhythm that express joy and passion for life.

By joining these dances, you will discover the magic of the folk music of a country that has a rich history and culture, a world charged with traditions and traditional symbols that date back a few years before Christ, during the Dacians and Getaes.

Under the Sydney Dance Rhythms instructors’ guidance, you will succeed in getting knowledge of different Romanian Folk dances from the very common “Hora” to the very dynamic “Sarba”.

Romanian Dancers