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"Thank you (and Rey) so, SO much for everything, particularly all the extra time you put into our lessons. The routine was AMAZING and everyone's jaws literally dropped! I had a quick look at the video and all the guests had massive smiles on their faces - so our mission to surprise everyone with an upbeat, feel-good wedding dance was definitely accomplished!"

Zahra & Ijo

"We were soooo happy with our first dance – we loved the steps and just had a lot of fun with it on the night!

Thanks very much to you and Cristina for putting the routine together – it really suited us!

Thanks again!"

Kind regards,


"Thank you so much for your help with our dance. We would not be able to do it without you.
Everything was perfect, or almost perfect. We didn't make it for the last dip because my dress didn't allow it, but it looked natural and beautiful, just as I had it in my dreams.
Thank you once again."

"I highly recommend Cristina and Sydney Dance Rhythms to anyone interested in wanting their children to participate and excel in dance. My daughter Elena who is 6 was fortunate to have a full term of dance as part of her school curriculum and absolutely loved it and flourished under the instruction of "Miss Cristina". She now attends a weekly jazz dance class and is thoroughly enjoying learning new routines and participating in a fun team environment. My daughter has been to other dance schools in the last 3 years but Sydney Dance Rhythms is definitely the one she has most enjoyed and looks forward to attending every week!"

"Claudia started at Sydney Dance Rhythms this term. The progress she has made in this time has been amazing. Not only has she taken to the warm and friendly manner of her wonderful teacher, Miss Roz, but she has increased in confidence and coordination. If you are looking for your child to enjoy dance as well as being taught by an outstanding professional, then Sydney Dance Rhythms should be number one on your list."

"While I was in Australia, I took regular Zumba classes with Cristina. I had an extraordinary time. If you feel tired or without energy, through Zumba, she will help you feel more energized, more athletic, full of life, and, most of all, move your body in all kinds of dance steps.

When it comes to salsa, even if you have two left feet, you’ll be able to improve quickly, especially when you have such a great teacher as Cristina. Dancing with Sydney Dance Rhythms was one of the most memorable experiences I had while in Australia.”

“The Zumba Classes has been a fun way to get fit”

“Cristina has been excellent with helping us slowly develop our pace.The children had a fun and enjoyable time on the Carnival day doing Zumba. You can see children eager to dance more and move with the music”

“The classes are energising with loads of laugh and fun with the Zumba team. It certainly worth the money.”

“I highly recommend Sydney Dance Rhythms to anyone looking to learn how to dance. As someone who has never done any dancing before, I have done Salsa dancing classes throughout 2011 with Sydney Dance Rhythms. I have sincerely enjoyed the whole experience.

Classes are structured so that even someone with no prior experience can enjoy the dance and overcome any fears. There is plenty of detailed attention given to each dancer so that everyone feels comfortable with the techniques being taught. It did not take long before the dance lessons were a highlight of my week.

Apart from the wonderful techniques, classes are so friendly that it is inevitable that you meet some of the most friendlies people in Sydney.”

“I strongly recommend this dance school to anyone that wants to have fun, meet new people and learn some great moves. It's very convenient price wise, the teacher explains very well, the location is awesome and good music. I can't wait to get back and join the Zumba class again.



“I have attended a friend's wedding and their wedding first dance was so beautiful that I have asked them for their dance instructor's referral. Cristina, my wedding dance instructor and the Director of Sydney Dance Rhythms, is highly recommended. She is very friendly, very patient and listen to our needs and requests for our Wedding First Dance. We wanted some moves that have a "wow" factor and she put together a great dance routine for us that wow all the guests at our reception. She goes out of her way, giving us extra time per lesson, letting us record everything we have learnt and making sure we got the moves right. She even burnt our routine onto a CD for us and gave it to us for our memory. We have joined a package of 5 classes for $340 and the classes are really good value for money, as there is a package for 8 classes. Cristina allows us to join the package of 5 classes first, then add additional lessons on top if necessary. Also, Cristina informed us of the dates and times she will be at the teaching hall so we can go there and practise (free of charge). We had lots of fun and laugh with Cristina, and the most important thing was that a few guests on my wedding night asked for Cristina's contacts after they have seen my amazing wedding first dance!!”

“I took my very first dance lessons with Cristina and it was amazing! I learned how to Salsa 6 months ago and I still remember the steps she taught me. I met great people while taking the course and at the end the whole class we went out to for an authentic Salsa night in Sydney. We all got to put our moves to the test, have fun and see how much more we can improve by watching everyone else at the club. Overall, it was a great and affordable opportunity in a relaxed, comfortable environment that everyone should take advantage of sooner than later!”

"Cristina is a fantastic dance teacher. In just 3 lessons she taught us a beautiful routine and had us really excited about dancing at our wedding. She catered the routine to our skill level so we would feel comfortable on the day, and was really encouraging throughout the lessons. We would definitely recommend Cristina to anyone who wanted to learn to dance."

"We went to Sydney Dance Rhythms to learn to dance for our first bridal dance. Me being flatfooted on the dance floor I was pretty unhappy to attend any kind of dance class, let alone to create a personalised routine to perform in front of my closest friends and family. However, I was amazed at how much fun Cristina (and Ray) made it for us. She was able to create a custom made routine which consisted of a number of different dance styles. I was always impressed with her enthusiasm and encouragement during the whole process and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone" Amay (and Tegan)

“Thank you for your patience, creativity and passion in being our Wedding dance teacher. It was delightful working with you and you made the classes a lot of fun! As we had never had dance lessons before, we were initially nervous, but you made all the butterflies go away by tailoring the choreograph to meet our dance experience and explaining dance concepts so we could easily understand them! We received many compliments on our dance and we owe that to you! Thank you once again!! We will not hesitate to recommend you to our family and friends!


Jodie & Michael”

“Our wedding was last year in July. I can say that my husband and I have done a lot of preparation for this big event. One of the priorities for us was the bridal dance. In this area we had the pleasure to work with two wonderful and passionate people, who have taught us lots of things about dancing.

They first let us chose our own song and they worked on that so we can have a beautiful dance. Cristina even had couple of songs ready in case we were finding it hard to decide one of our own. Also she was very patient when we struggled with the routine and believed that we would be able to learn it in time, although she was checking all errors and correct them immediately. Ray and Cristina were always customising the steps for us so we could look better when some of the moves did not allow us to perform accordingly. And I think the most important had to be the support they gave us along the way.

The venue in Summer Hill is really spacious and did allow us to rehearsal exactly the way we would have done it at the reception. I will recommend to any couple preparing for their big day to contact Sydney Dance Rhythms. For us was unique and we could not have done it without Cristina and Ray's help.

We thank you for this memorable experience. Ramona and Claudiu Nica”

“Sydney Dance Rhythms have provided our school with great value and quality dance-fitness classes over the past two years. The energetic dance program known as ZumbAtomic covers a variety of dance skills including Hip Hop and Zumba. The sessions which incorporate fitness as well as dance certainly engage and motivate the students as well as develop their fitness level. Cristina and her staff are qualified professionals who have experience in dancing and teaching young children to grandparents.

Anna Montgomery

St Patrick’s catholic Primary school

Summer Hill”